Rudolph Alfano, 80, Willowbrook "To think young và be positive sầu each và every single day.

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That"s why I think I"m 16 years old because I act lượt thích a kid sometimes. I stay young at heart by getting up early in the morning and going on my walk, going khổng lồ bed early, eating fresh fruits và vegetables daily, working on a project each day and helping others."

Ken Altamore, 63, Elk Grove sầu Village "To me, I define "young at heart" as living on your own terms và trying new things. Love sầu what you vì chưng and do what you love."

Dr. John A. Bartel, 70, Arlington Heights "I think it is used khổng lồ describe someone that hasn"t stopped keeping up with the changes that are always taking place in life. When a person stops welcoming change, learning new things and having fun, he or she is no longer "young at heart.""

Maria Bucher, 73, Addison "Being "young at heart" means khổng lồ me that I don"t think about age; I just keep doing what I enjoy. Rethành viên to tell the person in the mirror how much you love her (or hlặng.)"

William Danford, 91, Elmhurst "It means having a wonderful nature that is attractive at all times."

Bonnie Daniello, 67, Addison "It means lớn always look at the positive things in your life.Think positive sầu & smile. A smile is something lớn give away at no cost. Someone once said, "Enjoy life because this is not a dress rehearsal." "

Lisa Dekter, 76, Addison "You realize that age is insignificant. To be "young at heart" is khổng lồ love sầu life, wake up every day & enjoy that day as a gift."

Sister Theresa Langfield, 73, Wheaton ""Young at heart" is a way of life that is active sầu, hope-filled, giving and unburdened by regrets. It involves loving, living life khổng lồ the full & facing all that life presents, returning only blessing.

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One who is young at heart lives in the now and has a grateful heart no matter what has gone before."

Sister Maggie Ryan, 92, Wheaton "To be "young at heart" is lớn be fully engaged in life — being interested, alert and using all the gifts God has given me each day of my life. I am optimistic, full of joy and caring for others no matter what is happening khổng lồ me because of my chronological age. My great joy is in giving, doing for others và taking in as many new experiences as I am able."

George Redeihs, 79, Burr Ridge "Not going through life realizing your age. You are as old as you feel. My wife Georgetta and I still work & I don"t want to retire. I probably don"t feel any differently today than I did when I was 65. We travel and I still snow ski with my grandkids."

Elizabeth Scarimbolo, 72, Addison "It means thinking young & not letting age bother you. Some people are very hung up on numbers like being 40, 50 or 60 but that takes all the fun out of life. Our bodies may be getting older but our minds & our hearts should remain young."

Mary Stuhr, 73, Addison "You must take Vitamin F. Vitamin F stands for friends. I have sầu friends that enjoy talking politics, eating at restaurants, traveling, playing cards, volunteering at church and for the community và socializing. I have friends who are caring và compassionate. Friends are good for our health."