Related words and phrases: accomplishment, done, finished, gone, irremediable, irretrievable, irreversible, pointless

Idiom Scenario 1

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Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: I can"t believe that I forgot to include that important section in the boss"s presentation. It kept me up half the night last night. I am worried that I can never recover the boss"s trust.

Colleague 2: What"s done is done. There is nothing you can bởi khổng lồ change the past. All you can vị is make sure it never happens again và hope the boss forgets your blunder.

Idiom Scenario 2

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Two friends are talking ...

Friover 1: I knew I should have sầu been more careful. I rushed out of the house and forgot to loông chồng the door và a burglar stole my new television. Friend 2: What"s done is done. What can you vày about it now? Perhaps it is a cautionary tale khổng lồ remind you to lớn always loông chồng your doors. Friend 1: I suppose, but I really liked that TV.

what"s done is done - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index: 331

what"s done is done - Examples:

1) I think he"s right: What"s done is done, và what"s on record stands.

2) "What"s done is done," he said, "You can not change history.

3) But, lượt thích I said before. What"s done is done. Forget about it và move on.

4) ... it was a mistake and he"s owned up khổng lồ his mistake. What"s done is done leave sầu the people involved alone lớn work out their problems.

5) ... the residual feelings that linger và haunt. So final. Permanent. What"s done is done. The best you can bởi vì is learn something of value and move sầu ...

6) It was good while it lasted, but what"s done is done.

7) I fully agree that what"s done is done and it would be ridiculous to lớn try to reinstate 180-year-old territorial boundaries.

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8) What"s done is done, we can"t change that, but we can change the way ...

9) He kept telling me what"s done is done and they would not re-advertise the role or consider other candidates.

10) ... but what"s done is done & now what"s most important is what you say & vì chưng afterwards.

11) What"s done is done, and "if-onlys" will eat your life if you let them.

12) Much of it was years ahead of alternatives. But, what"s done is done. That"s the past; we can not change it.

13) It doesn"t even matter now, what"s done is done, the kid is dead.

14) What"s done is done. She can"t change what happened, and she needs lớn accept ...

15) I don"t want to discuss what happened, we both know what"s done is done.

16) Don"t do this lớn yourself, McKay. What"s done is done. Second guessing won"t help.

17) I seriously hope he hasn"t been losing sleep over this because what"s done is done. It was a tough call to lớn make in the situation.

18) ... but in the end you can"t focus on the past. What"s done is done, & nothing will change that.

19) What"s done is done. However you look at the situation now, the damage is irreversible.

20) I guess I probably could have broken it up, but what"s done is done. And it is done.