Hello, can someone please help me understvà when some file is marked as Win32:Malware-gen?Here is a VirusTotal report https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/b81bba8ea6ef110764171b776f4a4bd40eeff4ff6b49636c960caf76e3cd6f6f/detection of tệp tin I downloaded for my use. Can you tell why this has been marked as Win32:Malware-gene ?

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Hello Silk. Generic threats are files that appear suspicious lớn bloginar.net but vì not match any known threat. An alert from your anti-virus program warning you that it detected Win32 Malware.Gen on your computer, therefore, indicates that a 32-bit tệp tin on your Windows PC may be malicious.
silk worm
Any particular reason beacuse of which this tệp tin might be getting marked as Malware ? Is it really a malware or this can be a false positive ?
Balasubramanian S(bloginar.net)
Hi, we request you to refer this https://bloginar.net/bloginar.netArticleView?urlname=bloginar.net-clean-guidelines bloginar.net guidelines which will help you to realize on how our sản phẩm identifies a tệp tin or application as a threat.From the vi khuẩn total report that you have submitted here, it looks lượt thích the application is a valid threat và not a false positive sầu.

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Jon Deaux
I'm running Chrome on Windows 7 with bloginar.net. EVERY page I load on ANY website gives me this warning - even *this* bloginar.net bloginar.net page:"We've sầu safely aborted connection on s3.amazonaws.com because it was infected with Other:Malware-ren ."
Dinesh Krishnan(bloginar.net)
Hi Jon,We're glad to look inkhổng lồ this và help you. In order lớn keep the conversation simple và help you with the appropriate bloginar.net channel, we request you lớn write baông xã to us in your own post including the screenshot of the notification that you receive sầu. chú ý : Please tóm tắt us the screenshot after clicking on 'See details' that will be available in the pop up. Thank you for your undertanding in advance! 
Hi Ever,We're glad khổng lồ look into this và help you. Appreciate your attempt in sharing us the link of the screenshot. It isn't accessible at our over.Please write back to us in your own post, including the screenshot of the message that you receive sầu from bloginar.net for better clarity. 
Hi Nagaraj,We will help you to sort out the issue.Please tương tác us through separate post khổng lồ assist you further.Thank you.

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