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‘the usage of equipment’‘The high cấp độ of car usage & the fact the number of large trucks has never been greater also acts as a disincentive sầu khổng lồ switch to lớn pedal power.’‘Finally, there must be a charge on sewage and water based on usage.’‘This resulted in reduced water usage & a significant increase in recycling.’‘He also proposed discounts for people who cut their water usage by 50 percent or more.’‘The proposal conveniently ignored that fact that the usage of crop protection products falls year by year in this country anyway.’‘It establishes a process specifically khổng lồ determine, & then lớn allocate, water usage.’‘Although fresh water is ample, guests are reminded to lớn be wary of their water usage.’‘Marketing campaigns would increase rail usage.’‘The recent tourism season aggravated the problem because of the huge influx of people & increased water usage.’‘A probing, in-depth survey has found that consumer Internet usage is rising.’‘Also, the region is an immense source of oil and underground water that has yet lớn be tapped for usage.’‘Many companies also monitor their employees" Internet usage & gmail communications.’‘Surveys were taken of energy usage in the school & saving energy tips were produced.’‘There are an average of two or three fires in the đô thị a day, resulting in a high usage of the equipment.’‘It has doubled its oil usage over the last decade và now consumes 30% of the world"s oil.’‘San Diego saw a nice decrease in power usage because they raised the price khổng lồ consumers.’‘The judging criteria is based on drawing techniques, usage of color & standard of work.’‘He employed a technique, which he said had a long history of usage by the medical profession & which was dealternative text with in many texts.’‘A usage log within the practice computers recorded when the guidelines were used & by whom.’‘The battery life will last roughly for 12 hours under standard usage of the mouse.’