time off

Time away from work, school, or other responsibilities.

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I"m looking forward for some time off from my studies over the break lớn catch up with family and friends. I"m taking some time off of work lớn look after my daughter while she recovers from her surgery.See also: off, time

*time off

a period of time that is miễn phí from employment. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~; take (some) ~.) I"ll have sầu to lớn get time off for jury duty. I have sầu time off to lớn go downtown và cửa hàng.See also: off, time

time off

A break from one"s employment or school, as in I need some time off from teaching lớn work on my dissertation, or He took time off lớn make some phone calls. See also: off, timeSee also:

get time off

Idiom(s): get time offTheme: FREEDOMto lớn receive a period of time that is free from employment.• I"ll have to lớn get time off for jury duty.• I got time off khổng lồ go downtown & siêu thị.• I don"t have time off from work very often.

get time off for good behavior

Idiom(s): get time off for good behavior
Theme: FREEDOMto have one"s prison sentence shortened because of good behavior.• Bob will get out of jail tomorrow rather than next week.

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He got time off for good behavior.• I know I will have sầu time off for good behavior.

take time off

Idiom(s): take time off
Theme: LEISUREnot lớn work for a period of time—a few minutes or a longer period.• I had khổng lồ take time off khổng lồ go khổng lồ the dentist.• Mary took time off to have sầu a cup of coffee.

time off

days off work, holidays I"ve been working too hard. I think I need some time off.

time off|time

n. phr. A period of release from work. If I had some time off this afternoon, I would finish writing the letters I promised to my family.
time flies time flies when you're having fun time for time for (someone or something) time for a change time hangs heavy time hangs heavy on (one's) hands Time hangs heavy on hands time hangs/lies heavy time has come time heals all wounds time immemorial time in time is a great healer time is getting on time is money time is of the essence time is on (one's) side time is on somebody's side time is ripe time is ripe, the time is up time of day time of life time of one's life time off time off for good behavior time on (one's) hands time on hands time on one's hands time on one's hands, (to have) time on your hands time out time out of mind Time out! Time khổng lồ hotline it a day Time to lớn call it a night time to lớn catch (one's) breath time to lớn catch breath time lớn cruise time to go time to hit the road time lớn kill time to lớn run time warp time was time was (when) time was... time will tell time works wonders Time you got a watch! tightwad till the cows come home till the last gun is fired tilt at windmills time and a half time & again time is ripe time of one"s life time off time out tin ear tip off tip the scales tit for tat to a T khổng lồ a degree lớn a fault
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