The second form seems simpler & the words the reason is seem to lớn add nothing lớn the sentence. Is there any technical reason to lớn avoid the longer form?



"The reason is because...

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" is wrong; the other one is the one lớn go with.

That "the reason" is already explaining why, i.e. the reason, so putting also because will create a sort of redundancy.

See this article, which goes more in depth.



I am going lớn disagree with both other answers here. I don"t think there is anything grammatically wrong with either of the sentences:

The reason is because it rained yesterday.The reason is that it rained yesterday.

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I agree that this sentence sounds a lot better with that, in part because because is redundant. But consider:

The only good reason to lớn go to graduate school in literature is because you love it.The only good reason to lớn go lớn graduate school in literature is that you love it.

The reason he faked his suicide & went inlớn hiding in Peoria using a fake name is because his life was in danger.The reason he faked his suicide & went into lớn hiding in Peoria using a giả name is that his life was in danger.

In these cases, I think because sounds superior khổng lồ that. But don"t these sentences have sầu exactly the same grammatical structure? So how can the first one be ungrammatical và the other two grammatical? I think the reason because sounds better now is that there is a large gap between reason & because, which means that now the redundancy becomes useful rather than superfluous.

Let me add that the Merriam-Webster dictionary agrees with me. From the conclusion of their long discussion at the above link:

In sum, "the reason is because" has been attested in literary use for centuries. If you aren"t comfortable using the phrase, or feel that it"s awkward, don"t use it. But maybe lay off the criticism of others—there"s really no argument against it. The phrase may grate on your nerves (along with "the reason why is because"), but it puts people who apply it in some very distinguished literary company.