As Piff the Magic Dragon said this week on the Sun on the Strip pod, we all need khổng lồ laugh right now. The Strip spot with the most jokes per night at the moment is the STRAT, where the L.A. Comedy Club was ahy vọng the first venues to reopen on October 9.Bạn đã xem: Tape face là ai

“We thought, let’s just put on as many shows as we can and find out where the audience gravitates, adjust and go forward,” said producer Joaquin Trujillo. “We sort of did so against the advice of some smarter people, because they were asking, how at một nửa would we be able to lớn make money. But it’s not about making money for us right now, it’s just about getting the blood pumping. Not to be cliché, but laughter really is the best medicine right now.”


L.A. Comedy Club headliner Butch Bradley is back in action at the STRAT.

Bạn đang xem: Tape face là ai

L.A. Comedy Club got its start in Las Vegas in 2007 at Palace Station & has been a fixture at the STRAT for five sầu years. Located in the 160-seat Dragon Room on the second-floor retail level, the show goes on three times a night starting with “Redneck Comedy Magic with James Michael” at 6 p.m., a rotating headliner at 8 p.m., và resident Butch Bradley at 10 p.m. All performances meet the state’s social distancing and safety guidelines, of course, with an audience cap of 55.

STRAT General Manager Stephen Thayer said it was important khổng lồ get the comedy up & running as soon as possible, aligning with the north Strip resort’s general approach lớn pandemic-era operations; it’s all about bringing the Vegas bachồng.

“The word is experience,” Thayer said. “That’s what we’ve been focused on since reopening. There are so many things we have sầu khổng lồ bởi vì lớn make sure our employees and guests are safe và anything we can bởi to lớn bring that experience bachồng is critical khổng lồ the idea of people wanting lớn get bachồng to lớn Las Vegas. They want lớn experience what they rethành viên.”

The STRAT also recently reinstalled live sầu music at the renovated Remix Lounge, but Thayer said it’s more of an ambient option. Upstairs, the comedy club’s stars are working through the circumstances and adjusting as needed.

“We sat down the first batch of comics to lớn make sure everyone was aware of the environment. Everytoàn thân comes here because our comics are cutting-edge. They’re all on the way up, rising stars,” Trujillo said. “We’re really big on original material onstage, so we made it clear that while there’s a lot of material out there, if you have a new joke, think twice & come at it from a chất lượng point of view. If it’s funny, by all means, do it. We never clip people’s wings. But we want them to lớn be aware that somebody might have seen it online & it might not feel fresh or authentic. They’ve sầu juggled all of it really well.”

In other funny business: Those private stand-up shows from comedian Sebastian Maniscalco at Wynn continued last week. He performed at the resort’s new outdoor Event Pavilion on October 9 & 10 & then took the show to lớn the XS Nightclub on the 16th và 17th. The invite-only events were limited to VIPhường casino customers và while there are no current plans for more private or new public ticketed entertainment at Wynn, it’s clear the resort is experimenting with the potential of its varied venues.

Tape Face is the latest Las Vegas Strip performer to announcement his return lớn the stage. The hard-to-define, easy-to-enjoy show will reopen at Harrah’s on November 11 as a completely redesigned show that not only complies with COVID-19 regulations but also allows Tape Face himself (aka Sam Wills) khổng lồ connect with the audience in a new way via “up cđại bại và personal” conversation at the top of each show. The schedule is phối for 7:30 p.m. performances Wednesday through Sunday at Harrah’s Showroom, moving from the smaller House of Tape venue. Tickets are on sale October 30 at harrahsshows.com.

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Keith Thompson, one of the co-founders of the Composers Showcase và host of the event"s debut at the Smith Center.

Keith Thompson’s Composer’s Showcase is teaming with grassroots organization WE/EC (We the Entertainment Community of Las Vegas) khổng lồ present “On With the Show,” a four-night không tính tiền livestreaming telebé starting Friday at 6 p.m. designed to raise money for the TCS Entertainment Community Relief Fund. Earlier in the COVID shutdown, Thompson organized a music video for the original tune “Needing Each Other” to lớn raise awareness & funds for the local performing arts community. Now he & his team have sầu lined up performances from Dennis Blair, Travis Cloer, Vita Corimbi Drew, Daniel Emmet, Joel Ferguson, Uli Geissendoerfer, Jamie Hosmer, Chadwichồng Johnson, The Lique, Sarah Hester Ross, Janien Valentine and many more, another incredible example of local performers supporting each other. Tune in each night on YouTube or Twitch và find more info at thecomposersshowcase.com.

Another huge fundraiser is coming up on November 8. It’s called Jammin’ 4 Hope và it’s being organized by SPI Entertainment and HopeLink of Southern Nevada, a local nonprofit that’s been fighting homelessness & taking care of Las Vegas families since 1991. It will take place at downtown’s Backstage Bar và Billiards with livestreaming on Facebook & YouTube & performances and appearances are scheduled from Wayne Newton, Mike Tyson, Matt Goss, Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men, Louie Anderson, Human Nature, Frank Marino, Piff the Magic Dragon, performers from “Thunder From Down Under,” “Fantasy,” “The Rat Pachồng is Back” and many more. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more info.

Speaking of Human Nature, the Aussie singing group announced in June it would not return to lớn its residency show at Venetian. Several other acts have since that joined the category of shows that will be looking for new homes when the time is right. Terry Fator is a member of that club, having departed from the Mirage, và Matt Goss is reportedly mulling his options after his Mirage venue, the 1 OAK nightclub, closed for good during the shutdown. It’s also looking lượt thích “Raiding the Roông chồng Vault” won’t return khổng lồ the Rio and “Cherry Boom Boom” is similarly finished at OYO, & magician Hans Klok has officially vacated his post as the third show at Excalibur’s Thunderlvà Showroom. Klok will be hunting for a bigger Vegas room for his big-time illusions once live entertainment conditions màn chơi out.

Several Vegas-based artists will be participating in this week’s virtual theatrical sự kiện “With Love sầu, Now & Forever: Cats 4 Covid Relief,” a reunion of cast members from the national tour of “Cats” và fundraiser for the Broadway Cares COVID-19 Emergency Relief Assistance Fund, which supports the Actors Fund. The event premieres at 5 p.m. Friday at broadwaycares.org/catsbenefit và aao ước the local cast và crew members are Randy Slovacek, Jay Alger and Jaông xã Gaughan.