Tải The Sims 2 Miễn Phí

Create a Sim

The Sims 2 Create a Sim offers you the chance lớn live an alternative life thanks lớn its social simulation functions và in which you can invent characters


The Sims is definitely the most popular social simulation đoạn Clip game saga at present. With over 100 million units sold, it"s also the most bought franchise in the history of đoạn Clip gaming. Its success is mainly based on offering the user all the freedom in the world lớn create a character or avatar that can live a virtual life parallel to lớn reality, being able to lớn experience all sorts of happenings with other players that otherwise would be impossible in real-life... & all the latter, supported by an online gaming system.

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Invent a new character: reinvent yourself

And that"s precisely what you can vày in The Sims 2. It"s the sequel to lớn the first installment & was published bachồng in 2004, managing to sell over a million copies during its first ten days on the market. Here we"ll find improvements khổng lồ the simulation và detail màn chơi regarding the first installment, as well as updates such as new feelings for the characters or how aging affects the avatars.

In Create a Syên ổn you"ll have everything you need to lớn create your character however you want, being able lớn save it & use it in as many games as you want: clothes, build, traits, skin tone... Customize the character to your own liking or create a random avatar. That"s up to lớn you.

Now any choice or action will have sầu an impact on the life of your Syên.


Create your own character to play the Sims, whether male or female.Choose between different life periods: baby, child, youngster, adult or elderly.Modify every single detail of your character"s physiognomy: nose, lips, cheeks...Select the skin, eye and hair color.Also select your character"s clothes and accessories.Create & save sầu as many Sims as you want.Multiple expansions to lớn keep on enjoying the game: "Apartment Life", "Pets", "mở cửa for Business"... Use your Slặng in all of them.Generate characters randomly.Unvì và revì options.

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As many characters as you can imagine

This game offers you the possibility to lớn create as many alternative egos as you wish: any person you can think of, regardless of how complicated he or she may seem, can be created in the social simulator par excellence.

The game"s system covers different aspects of the life of any human being & that can affect the most important stages of his life: personality, ambitions, physical condition, job, relationships... everything that conditions the existence of a person appears in this second part of The Sims, including the differentiation between weekends và weekdays.

As we"ve sầu mentioned, the game is part of one of the most successful đoạn Clip games for PC that has provided Electronic Arts with plenty of profits. You can download it individually or by getting hold of the so-called Ultimate Collection, the paông xã that brings together all the games of The Sims.

A way of escaping from your boring daily life & becoming the person that you"ve always wanted to be, but never dared.