Storage Capacity Là Gì

If things such as furniture are in storage, they are being kept safe in a special building while they are not needed.

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the act of putting things in a special place for use in the future, or the place where you put things:
Much of the art they’ve acquired is still in storage (= being kept in a safe place and not yet in use).

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the act of keeping things somewhere so that they can be used later, especially goods or energy supplies:
a storage company/depot/facility A fire put the country"s largest gas storage facility out of action.
The other reply, that if we concentrated food supply in storages those would be vulnerable to lớn the enemy, does not stand any cthua kém examination.
I think it more likely that it will be hard khổng lồ find six storages rather than that we shall find more than six.
I know in these days of questions of profiteering và food supply there may be some who wish that municipalities should provide cold storages.
There cannot, in fact, be competitive sầu turbines or competitive sầu storages for electrical power from the same water.
We want an area where the market can be homogeneous—no annexes, no separate storages, but where everything can be under the one roof.
We all remember those terrible picketing scenes when they picketed viciously the cold food storages.
I could go on mentioning other classes of storages which are carried on at the docks and the railways in which the same differentiation is made.
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Các từ thường được sử dụng cùng rất storage.

Fair water quality included a combination of either chlorinated water and inadequate storage or non-chlorinated water và adequate storage.
The prospects of getting ammunition out of the ammunition storage sites was remote, let alone reconstituting the military.