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SOLIDWORKSis a computer aided designing (CAD) và computer aided engineering (CAE) software. It allows to make 3D models which can be visualised in space.

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SOLIDWORKScontains many exciting improvements and new capabilities that help you thiết kế, present, & communicate your ideas faster & easier. Here are some of the key improvements:
SOLIDWORKS is significantly faster when working with large assemblies. Whether you’re just viewing your kiến thiết or adding new components & subassemblies, you’ll notice a significant difference in performance. And full support of the lademo graphics cards results in a dramatic frame rate increase, meaning a better viewing experience.

We’ve sầu simplified the path from SOLIDWORKS to lớn Augmented and Virtual Reality with a new option called Extended Reality (XR).
Create incredibly detailed textures on your 3D models in seconds by automatically converting 2 chiều textures into 3D geometry. And use automatic 2 chiều curve generation khổng lồ create parametric surfaces when smoothing out mesh geometry created from scan data and topology optimization studies.

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• Design khổng lồ manufacture. Go from concept lớn manufactured parts even faster.• Modeling & drawings. Powerful enhancements khổng lồ improve your thiết kế & detailing experience.
• Performance. Faster large assembly kiến thiết,rendering,and collaboration.• New công nghệ. Increasedproductivity when using the latest touch-enableddevices.• Collaboration. Smart tools for collaborating with partnersand suppliers.

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Use given google link to download.SolidWorks 2019:SolidWorks 2019has been moved to lớn a seperate page due to frequent request the link to lớn the page is given in the Read More Section given at the end of this page. orSolidWorks 2019 SP0 Activated Google Drive sầu LinkSolidWorks 2018
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