Self-conscious là gì

a nervous or uncomfortable feeling when you are worried about what people think about you or your actions:

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After the first 10 minutes, people have sầu lost the feeling of self-consciousness, and they"re just enjoying the experience.

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With self-consciousness comes a demand for philosophical justification of the state-building process, but that process has been going on in obedience to elemental instinct.
True religious experience involves more than the feeling of absolute dependence, even when united with a mode of sensible self-consciousness.
This bar seems khổng lồ halt all forward movement: it stands suspended, as if in a moment of self-consciousness or introspection.
The higher consciousness can only exist insofar as it is related to the antithesis of the sensible self-consciousness between self and world.
In the second grade of consciousness there is self-consciousness, & hence a grasp of the antithesis between the self và the world.
It is ironic that although we have sầu difficulty giving satisfactory answers to lớn these questions, we can create self-consciousness with relative ease.
One might say that in having children we participate in the mystery of the creation of self-consciousness.
What they called for instead was contemporary history, or at least those episodes from the past that spoke lớn the contemporary bourgeois self-consciousness.
The temporary suspension of this self and experience of fusion with nature & natural being eliminates self-consciousness, contingency, constraint, and lachồng.
The experience of juxtaposing " " local operations " " with other cultural relations is peculiar to lớn diasporic self-consciousness.
He rightly draws attention, as noted, khổng lồ the màn chơi of self-consciousness in a nation, but beyond that wobbles on a key issue.

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Hence, there can be no development of the higher consciousness that is not situated, that does not develop in relation to the sensible self-consciousness.
He watches others but his primary responsibility is khổng lồ watch himself with a degree of self-consciousness equal khổng lồ that of the most sophisticated courtier.
This relatedness of the sensibly determined to lớn the higher self-consciousness in the unity of the moment is the consummating point of the self-consciousness.
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