Regarding to

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How vày you introduce a quote or a piece of information culled from a certain source? You might use the phrase “according khổng lồ.” How do you explain the reason behind an event? You might use the phrase “due to.” What about “regarding to?” Is this a legitimate phrase? Let’s examine the case.

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”Regarding to” on the Web

If you tìm kiếm the website for “regarding to lớn,” you will find thousands of hits containing the expression. Here are just a couple of examples:

But, fans were thirsty over the details of the science fiction monster film. Most of the curiosity is regarding lớn the cast that will come back for the sequel. ―Don Don Navidad, The University Herald

“Our desired outcomes going into this workcửa hàng were lớn chia sẻ a positive sầu community vision regarding lớn our transient and homeless populations, residents & visitors . . .”―“Team Shasta Developing Transient và Homeless Strategies,”


Is “Regarding to” Correct?

No, though it is an understandable error. People might follow the pattern of adding a preposition after learning expressions such as according khổng lồ and due lớn.

The Correct Expressions

There are many similar expressions. Use the one that best fits the context of what you are writing. If you tìm kiếm for the expressions above sầu, you will find millions of hits.

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Let’s look at a few simple sample sentences và a real example for each phrase:

In regard(s) khổng lồ means concerning. You will see this expression with và without the S. The traditional form is in regard khổng lồ, without the S. In regards lớn is gaining popularity, but many still view it as an error. Regards, plural, usually refers to lớn kindly feelings about someone.

In regard to your clayên, management has forwarded your information khổng lồ the department head. Please send your dear mother our kindest regards.

We definitely think we can provide some useful information in regard to what has and hasn’t worked for us, as well as providing information as to lớn why we are taking on this endeavor.—

You can kind of sort of watch the show và let it wash over you as this ride và adventure that is kind of meandering và going off on these divergent paths và still ultimately result in something that’s still satisfying in regards to questions being answered và the case being solved.” —

Regarding means respecting or concerning. It is a synonym of “in regard lớn.”

trò chơi Of Thrones star Faye Marsay has completely shot down one of the biggest bạn theories circulating the mạng internet regarding her character, The Waif. —

Regarding to is not lượt thích according to or due khổng lồ. However, you have sầu plenty of grammatically correct options to use. Regarding and in regard khổng lồ both mean respecting or concerning. For example, you might tell someone, “In regard to the phrase “regarding khổng lồ,” I just learned that it’s incorrect.”