Provide vs

I am confused by the different explanations in the following two dictionaries.

Macmillan says “provide A khổng lồ B”, while The Free Dictionary says it is wrong and tells us not lớn say “provide A to B”, insisting that we not use any prepositions except FOR. That is why I am much confused.

Which of the two is GRAMMATICALLY correct in the States and Britain regardless of whether it is used or not in daily life? And could you suggest any authentic sources about this?

We provide legal advice và services to our clients. (Macmillan)

The animals provide food for their young. (TFD) Be Careful! Don"t use any preposition except for in sentences like these. Don"t say, for example "The animals provide food to lớn their young".

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One can provide any X khổng lồ Y.

However, "provide food for their young" means specifically: care for them by giving them food.

We even have sầu an idiom based on that:

This provides food for thought.

Parents provide for their children.

To provide for=to sustain or tư vấn physically or financially or in some other way that does not just mean to lớn give or supply.

whereas: provide x to y just means: supply or give sầu x khổng lồ y.

There is also the idea of make provision for :

The will provided for their upkeep.

The will had a provision that set out a sum of money lớn vì towards upkeep,of, say, properties.

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provide for=care for in some wayprovide to=give or supply with no idea of "caring for" or "taking care of" as in being physically or financially responsible for.

That man always provided for his family. That man always provided funds khổng lồ his community organization.
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Provide certainly has a meaning of "hand over" or "give to," so I can"t see how it can be ungrammatical to lớn use a "to" preposition in phrases using "provide."

You can also "provide an answer to lớn a question." You certainly can "provide a shoulder khổng lồ cry on." In either case, using "for" instead of "to" wouldn"t make sense. You can say "provide a shoulder for her to lớn cry on," however.

In other words, these are questions of coherent & natural-sounding phrasing, rather than strictly grammar, I believe sầu.

"Provide for the common good" is an example of "provide" without an A and a B, by the way.

You can "provide for" something, or "provision" something, or "provide" something to someone.

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