On (the) one hvà, I want to lớn wrap up everything perfectly. On the other h&, I want khổng lồ leave some ambiguity to lớn the reader.

What"s the correct/conventional choice? Maybe this is an American/British English issue?



"On the one hand" is clearly a figure of speech.

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On the other hvà, "on one hand" can be a literal reference to lớn a person"s hvà.

As a native sầu British English speaker, I would always use "on the one hand … on the other hand" in the OP"s context. There is no xúc tích và ngắn gọn in omitting the first "the" và including the second, but notoàn thân ever says "on other hand" in this idiom (or anywhere else), so use "the" twice.


The idiom in English, regardless of variety, is:

On the one h& ||| on the other .

The second h& is optional & this has nothing whatsoever to do with British versus American English at all.

All the dictionaries agree.

Collins Dictionary

Cambridge Dictionary

Merriam Webster

On hand: We have no merchandise on h&.


In most contexts, when contrasting "one" with "the other", the article is not used before "one".

I would class On the one hand & on the one side as idioms.

In the NoW Corpus "On the one hand" has 28822 hits, and "On the one side" 1657, against 2504 examples of "On the one " - (349 of these are "on the one show", & nearly all of these are "On The One Show", so they don"t count).

"On one hand", without "the" has 18297 hits - only about 2/3 as many.


It’s an idiom., actually two of them.

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“On the other hand” is often used lớn preface counterarguments to lớn one’s thought process.

By extension, “On the one hand ... on the other hvà ...” is used when one has two conflicting ideas và wishes to lớn clarify them aloud. Example:

On the one hand, I really enjoy pie, but on the other hand, I’m supposed to lớn be on a diet.

Both of these expressions use each h& lớn represent an opinion, as if weighing the pros & cons of each choice with the hands as the scale.

(Source: I’m a native AmE speaker.)

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