Chia Sẻ Key Office 2016, Cách Active Office 2016 Bản Quyền Năm 2020

Applies to: Volume licensed versions of Office 2019 & Office năm nhâm thìn, including Project và Visio

Active Directory-based activation enables an organization khổng lồ activate volume licensed versions of Office, including Project and Visio, on computers that are joined lớn an Active Directory domain. Active sầu Directory-based activation is implemented as a role service on Windows Server & relies on Active sầu Directory Domain Services lớn store an activation object. For more information, see Activate using Active Directory-based activation.

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Requirements for using Active sầu Directory-based activation

To use Active Directory-based activation, the volume licensed version of Office, Project, or Visio must have a Generic Volume License Key (GVLK) và must be installed on one of the following operating systems:

Windows 10Windows 8.1Windows Server 2019Windows Server 2016Windows Server 2012 R2Windows Server 2012

Reviews the System requirements for Office khổng lồ determine which operating systems are supported by the volume licensed version of Office, Project, or Visio that you"re deploying the users in your organization. For example, Office Professional Plus 2019 is supported on Windows 10 but isn"t supported on Windows 8.1.

Configure Active sầu Directory-based activation

To configure Active sầu Directory-based activation, you must have sầu Domain Administrator and Enterprise Administrator credentials.

Sign in to a domain name controller in Active Directory và use Server Manager lớn install the Volume Activation Services role.

Run the Office Volume License Paông xã executable file. This will install the Office Volume License Paông xã và opens the Volume Activation Tools wizard.

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Choose Next, and then on the Select Volume Activation Method page, choose Active Directory-Based Activation.


On the Manage Activation Objects page, enter the KMS host key, which you got from the VLSC, &, optionally, give it a name. Then choose Next.

On the Activate Product page, either activate the KMS host key online or by phone, và then follow the rest of the wizard instructions.

When you"re done, an Activation Succeeded page displays.

Additional information about Active Directory-based activation

Active Directory-based activation uses the same keys that are used by Key Management Service (KMS). However, Active sầu Directory-based activation doesn"t require a dedicated host computer. The activation object is replicated across all the domain name controllers in the Active Directory forest.A successful Active sầu Directory-based activation of Office lasts for up lớn 180 days. The Software Protection service running on the computer periodically attempts to re-activate Office by querying Active Directory for the activation object. If Active sầu Directory can"t be contacted, Office will try lớn activate by using a discoverable KMS host computer.

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