What To Do When There’s No Phone Number To Activate Microsoft Office

Microsoft offers several choices to activate your office (online or by phone). In this article, we will help you to activate properly any office by choosing “activation by phone” choice.

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Before you start activation, make sure khổng lồ install the office from the official liên kết or from a direct links & open excel or word or any other office app

There are two methods:

Method 1: Use an ID Confirmation generator.Method 2: Gọi the toll-không tính phí number.
1 - Go to lớn "Account". Then, Click in "Activate Product".
2 - Sign in to lớn your Microsoft tài khoản or create a new one.
3 - Enter your valid hàng hóa key purchased. Then, cliông chồng in "Activate Office".

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4 - Choose "I want khổng lồ activate the software by phone". Then, Clichồng "Next".
5 - An Installation ID will be generated. (In our example we got 9 Groups of 7 numbers).
6 - Go https://bit.ly/3bWqQor & cliông xã in 7 Numbers (if you get 9 groups of 7 numbers) or 6 Numbers (if you get 9 groups of 6 numbers).

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