Receive sầu all quality weapons, armors, mounts, followers, accessories at earliest possible turnx3,x5,x10 version in workshopNo known conflicts can be used with other mods

Miscellaneous By kazamax2

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100 plus Start Game items và followers mod

Add 100+ items/followers lớn player"s faction. Only available khổng lồ the player so that you can have sầu a selection of items for your factions at the start of the game. Not too over powered. These items are available to player only so AI cannot gain the equal advantage. If you lượt thích the hack after tải về, please endorse!!!!

Miscellaneous By lovemyneisa

Guaranteed Capture for Generals

Sets the battle capture rate lớn 100% for generals in Total War: Three Kingdoms. Uploaded for /u/takilung from reddit.

chơi Game By Holitrix

Generals can"t die of old age

All Generals can no longer die of old age until they are 100 years old.

chơi Game By BigBizkit

Dynasty warriors Officers

Ever want all the dynasty warriors officers in their respective sầu faction that you play in? here"s your chance khổng lồ get themTo Install place in X:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Total War THREE KINGDOMS\data

Audio By kazamax2

More Characters are Legendary

More characters that arguably should have the legendary trait now have it.

Gameplay By BigBizkit


Việt Hóa Tam Quốc ( Vietnamese Translation ) - Nexus doesnt allow me khổng lồ write name mô tả tìm kiếm in Vietnamese Unzip 7z tệp tin lớn Pachồng fileSave the Paông xã file in Data thư mục Activate the hack in Mod Manager menu


Save sầu 1 : Diao Chan và Lady Trieu, replacing Cao Cao & Lady Bian (190).Save sầu 2 : Zhang Yan not married (190)

Adds two new generals lớn the game: Nuxia và Bodhi. Both are inspired by heroes from the game "For Honor"

You can use reforms unlock other factions" special forces, include special forces in yellow turban, eight princes(if you have these dlcs).Still need general cấp độ lớn recruit these units, usually 3 or 6 lượt thích vanilla.

Titles và IllustrationsUnique ModelsUnique Weapons/MountsUnique ArmoursUnique Followers/AccessoriesUnique Abilities*It might not compatible with your save sầu tệp tin.-You should now have "campaign" as part of the mod with its subfolders và files.-Save sầu the changes-Enjoy faction unlocker with al

Hello everyone i try lớn add some game items in this mods lượt thích heavy armors và some weaponsDrive:\Steam\steamapps\common\Total War THREE KINGDOMS\data

Do you ever where did she gone when you not play as Big Dong ?The hack make Diao Chan join your faction

Do you anger when a character you must have sầu till in sinking ship ?Do you piss off when character you want recruit sit in that ship nobles court and happy till old age ?So vì i, this hack change it và that what is do

I hack total war games since 2005 and Rome Total War 1. I lượt thích lớn balance the game to lớn my liking, making it somewhat harder in some aspects, và more real in other aspects. After 10 years this is first time I actually decided khổng lồ upload something of my work :D So if you lượt thích the way I play, please tell me in mod comments! 108KB 9
114KB 14
3KB 16

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