Make good là gì

make (something) good

To amkết thúc or correct something; lớn make something more accurate or fair, or return it to lớn its desired position or status. The sản phẩm broke within a week, but the company made things good by refunding me straight away. I know I said some things I shouldn"t have sầu, so I"m here lớn make things good between us.See also: good, make

make good

To succeed or complete or fulfill something. Often followed by "on." Your mom and dad have sacrificed a lot lớn sover you lớn college, so you better make good when you"re there. You better make good on all the things you said you would deliver, or the client is not going to lớn be happy.See also: good, make

make good (something)

1. To repay or repair something; to lớn amover or correct something. The airlines made good our lost luggage by offering us $3,000 spending money upon our arrival. The judge was satisfied that the accused had made good the property damage to lớn his neighbors.2. To follow through on doing what was promised or intended. The president made good his promise to lớn raise corporate tax rates và lower income taxes for middle class citizens.3. To successfully accomplish something. The robber made good his escape through a secret back door in the building that was unknown to lớn police.See also: good, make

make good (at something)

khổng lồ succeed at something. Bob worked hard khổng lồ make good at selling. Jane was determined lớn make good.See also: good, make

make good

1. Carry out successfully, make sure of, as in He made good his escape. This usage was first recorded in 1606. 2. Fulfill, as in She made good her promise. This usage was first recorded in Miles Coverdale"s 1535 translation of the Bible (II Chronicles 6:16): "Make good unto lớn my father, David ... that which thou hast promised him." 3. Compensate for, make up for, as in They made good the loss. This usage first appeared in William Langland"s Piers Ploughman (1377). 4. Succeed, as in He made good as a writer. See also: good, make

make good

be successful.See also: good, make

make ˈgood

(informal) become rich and successful, especially when you have sầu started your life poor & unknown: He’s a local boy made good.See also: good, make

make good

1. To carry out successfully: made good his escape.

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2. To fulfill: made good her promise.3. To make compensation for; trang điểm for: made good the loss.4. To succeed: made good as a writer.See also: good, makeSee also:

Good fences make good neighbours

This means that it is better for people to lớn mind their own business và khổng lồ respect the privacy of others. ("Good fences make good neighbors" is the American English spelling.)

Good walls make good neighbours

Your relationship with your neighbours depends, among muốn other things, on respecting one another"s privacy.

make good

bởi vì what one promised khổng lồ vì chưng, make something come true He made good on his promise to give everyone a raise in the new year.

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make good as

Idiom(s): make good as sthTheme: SUCCESSto succeed in a particular role.• I hope I make good as a teacher.• John made good as a football player.

make good at

Idiom(s): make good (at sth)
Theme: SUCCESSkhổng lồ succeed at something.• Bob worked hard to lớn make good at selling.• Jane was determined lớn make good.

make good money

Idiom(s): make good money
Theme: MONEYkhổng lồ earn a large amount of money. (Informal.)• Ann makes good money at her job.• I don"t know what she does, but she makes good money.

make good on

Idiom(s): make good on sth
Theme: FULFILLMENTkhổng lồ fulfill a promise.• Tom made good on his pledge lớn donate $1,000.• Bill refused to make good on his promise.

make good time

travel quickly, not be delayed, not thua thảm time Driving lớn Saskatoon, we made good time. It took only five hours.

make good time|good time|make|time

v. phr. To make unimpeded progress on a journey; arrive sầu at one"s destination sooner than estimated. There was not much traffic on the expressway so we made good time on our way lớn the airport.

make good|good|make

v. phr. 1. To bởi what one promised khổng lồ do; make something come true. Mr. Smith borrowed some money. He promised to pay it baông chồng on payday. He made good his promise. Joe made good his boast to swyên across the lake. John"s mother promised khổng lồ take him & his friends lớn the zoo on Saturday. She made good her promise. Compare: CARRY OUT. 2. To compensate; pay for loss or damage. The policeman told the boy"s parents that the boy must make good the money he had stolen or go to lớn jail. Often used in the phrase "make it good". The radio was broken while it was being delivered so the store had to lớn make it good và sover us a new radio. Compare: MAKE UP.. 3. To vày good work at one"s job; succeed. Kate wanted to lớn be a nurse. She studied và worked hard in school. Then she got a job in the hospital and made good as a nurse.
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