How to know who is the most message on Facebook for you, with the number of messages? Posts of will help users lớn know the top 10 most message people on Facebook.

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Facebook Messenger is now a messaging tool of many people. So do you know which Facebook accounts are the most popular?

J2TeaM Security utility installed on Chrome browser will help you answer that question. This tool was developed by the famous Facebook công nghệ group, 2TEAM Community. J2TeaM Security utility provides users with many useful Facebook management features such as checking Facebook security, checking who is Facebook, Facebook emotional inhỏ menu, including Facebook message statistics.

When users use the Facebook message statistics feature, you will know the danh mục of 10 people I regularly text, along with the total number of messages made between the two accounts. So how vì I know the top 10 Facebook accounts regularly texting?

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How to lớn view the top 10 people messaging on Messenger

Step 1:

You can access the liên kết below khổng lồ install J2TeaM Security utility on Chrome browser.

Download the J2TeaM Security utility

In the first interface, click Add to lớn Chrome to lớn install the utility.


Step 2:

A small interface appears, cliông chồng Add widget .


Users wait for the installation of the J2TeaM Security utility lớn complete on Chrome. Then you will see the utility ibé at the bottom of the access bar lớn the website address, with the message shown below.

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Step 3:

Now you login lớn your Facebook tài khoản to lớn kiểm tra the number of messages sent. In the interface on Chrome, right-cliông chồng the J2TeaM Security inhỏ, select Tools and then select Facebook Message Statistics .


Step 4:

You will immediately be taken lớn the J2TeaM statistics site, with a danh sách of 10 Facebook accounts that regularly text messages, arranged in descending order.

In addition, J2TeaM will các mục the sex of each trương mục, the number of messages that two Facebook accounts have chat with.


cảnh báo to lớn users , the process of statistics is fast or slow depending on the number of messages the user has made.

With just one J2TeaM Security utility, we can statisticize all of the messages on Facebook, with the number of 10 people most messaging on Messenger. In addition, J2TeaM Security also brings some other useful features for efficient use of Facebook.