Looked Through The Phone Book

Phone books và trắng pages have gone the way of the rotary-dial telephone. But both still exist digitally online.

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Q: How vày I get a telephone number for a family member? I live in another county that does not các mục Harford County, Md., telephone numbers và my address book was lost in the move sầu, so I am having real problems since I cannot tương tác my sons & other family members and friends. ~ Elaine Dodd

Tech+ Elaine, you’ve sầu got lớn go online. Force yourself lớn explore the internet, use Google or Bing khổng lồ tìm kiếm and even consider voice-activated options like Amazon’s Alexa. While you could try dialing 411, which still provides directory assistance for a fee, the old way of life is not coming back.

Of course, hunting for a person’s phone number is a bit challenging online with the wealth of information out there. That’s where I can help guide you. If typing in that person’s name và đô thị doesn’t pull up the person, there are more strategic ways to find a number.

In Maryland’s Harford County, Verizon is the local telephone service provider, according to lớn the county’s official page. And by searching for “Verizon 411 directory,” that brings us lớn information about Verizon’s trắng pages, which — to lớn all the younger folks out there — was the best way to lớn look up residential phone numbers last century.

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Verizon’s White pages — at verizon.com/whitepages — take me khổng lồ Dexpages.com, a massive sầu resource of phone numbers. I wrote about Dexpages before because CenturyLink, Denver’s major telephone service, also provides its customer data to lớn them. Read deeper inlớn how your phone number gets into Dexpages from this earlier Tech+ Q&A: The most accurate way lớn find a person’s phone number và trang chính address? The phone book.

At Dexpages, you can tìm kiếm for people nationwide by ZIP.. code lớn pull up the actual printed Trắng page. There are caveats to this. The person must have landline telephone service with one of the major providers (CenturyLink or Verizon, for example). mobile services aren’t as willing to lớn sell such customer data. And the person must not have sầu paid to lớn be unlisted. These days you may find more people missing from these once-useful trắng pages because fewer people pay for landline service.

Using these resources will get you closer lớn finding the phone numbers of family members. But hopefully your sons have sầu been keeping tabs on you so they know how lớn reach you themselves — và already have.

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