Similar words:responsibility,civic responsibility,social responsibility,sensibility,responsibly,responsible,responsible for,irresponsible.Meaning:n. an awareness of your obligations.

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62) Don"t do your work in a slipshod manner . You should be conscientious and have sầu a sense of responsibility.
65) This self-indulgent condition primarily afflicts girls who consider themselves khổng lồ be attractive sầu and who show little sense of responsibility.
66) Irreproachable proactive sầu work, a svào sense of responsibility, a strong dedication và team spirit.
69) High school graduate or above, pleasant character, svào sense of responsibility, good service and team work experience, able khổng lồ work flexible hours, demobilized armyman is preferred.
70) Has the sympathy. Sense of responsibility. Gentleman. He is good-natured. Affable, broadminded, charms. Optimistic. Spoils the gentleman in the wife.

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73) The experience could mercifully decrease the sense of responsibility which leads to lớn disheartenment easily; meanwhile it could prohibit us from excoriating ourselves and others.
75) "Shaping character, and manufacturing quality" has been the Asura factory training,( with a high sense of responsibility for every consumer khổng lồ buy products for Asura!
76) Hence, their emotional and sensual enjoyment is grounded in full self-giving love sầu and a profound sense of responsibility for the other person.
79) In self-training, so that I have a strong ability, but also firmly establish a strong sense of professionalism and high sense of responsibility and team spirit.
80) At the same time, negative sầu stimulus must play a supplemental role. Only in this way can we inspire the sense of responsibility and pride of supervisors.
81) The tellable is, I think, she would become a success in certain areas, because of her serious attitude, her strong sense of responsibility và her go-aheadism in work.
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