Have A Heart Of Gold

Origin of Heart of Gold

People often use this expression to emphasize what a good person someone is. It is a strong compliment with a very positive connotation. It comes from the idea of gold being a precious metal that is highly valued. The use of this idiom dates baông xã at least to the 1500s.

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The expression was already in use during Shakespeare’s time, when he included it in his play Henry V.

It appears in a scene in which the king has disguised himself as a commoner. He asks a man named Pistol if he thinks that he (Pistol) is a better man than the king. Pistol replies that the king has a heart of gold.

The king’s bawcochồng, a heart of gold.

A bawcochồng is jargon of the era that mean a fine fellow.

Examples of Heart of Gold


In this dialogue, two employees are discussing the manager’s secretary.

Deanna: This email tells us that we have lớn attover a meeting, but it doesn’t tell us when or where this meeting is.

Emily: I guess you should just tin nhắn the boss’s secretary to lớn find out the details.

Deanna: I would, but she scares me a little. She seems really grumpy all the time.

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Emily: She comes across as being cold, but when you get khổng lồ know her a little better, you find that she has a heart of gold. She’s actually very kind và helpful.

In this dialogue, two friends are discussing their family members.

Patrick: How was your Thanksgiving dinner with your family?

Killian: It was all right. I don’t have a lot in comtháng with my family anymore.

Patrick: What bởi you mean?

Killian: Their values are so different than mine.

Patrick: I know what you mean. All of my relatives are rude and harsh except for my grandmother. She’s the best. She has a heart of gold.

More Examples

This excerpt is about a respected athlete and actor wearing an accessory that people often moông xã.

This excerpt is from an article about a woman who died in a car accident.


A person who has a heart of gold is a person with a pure và loving nature.


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