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With a general election likely next year, the necessary legislation may not be tabled for more than 12 months.
Traditional face-to-face canvassing had a statistically significant influence on the outcome of the 1997 general election.
Despite these drawbacks, local election results offer an attractive substitute for disaggregated general election results.
Only with the opening of yet another policy window, the general election of 1997, was convergence made possible.
Changes in national delegations occurred at each national general election, khổng lồ reflect các buổi tiệc nhỏ strengths in the lower house.
Finally, only đôi mươi days before the vote, they settled on a college professor from the 4th district as their candidate for the next general election.
Table 6 reports the results of applying such models lớn the 1979 general election result in the then-current constituencies.
This is to say, the effect of issue ownership may be stronger in primaries than in the general election.
As the theory expects, primary competition pulls candidates apart while general election competition, as indicated by candidates" relative sầu qualities, draws them inward.
In 1922 labour polled 55.7 per cent at the general election but only 48.8 per cent at the municipal contest.

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With a general election approaching in 1998 the tiệc ngọt used the opportunity to lớn boost their popularity by showing a leftist profile.
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