Whether you’re making videos for social sharing or just making home page movies, không tính tiền đoạn Clip cutter software can be really useful. With a không tính phí Clip cutter và joiner, you can remove mistakes, make your video punchier or combine multiple clips into one. Free video cutter software can also be a creative sầu tool: you can make fast-cutting music videos or make talking heads more dramatic by cutting from camera to camera or clip khổng lồ clip.

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In this guide, we’ve sầu looked at the best không lấy phí Clip cutter software for PCs và Macs.

SoftwareSupported FormatsOS Video Editor Plus3GPPhường, ASF, AVI, VOB, FLV, MP4, M2TS, WMV, MPG, MOV, MKV, M2T, MPG, MP4, MOV, WTV, WebM, VP8Windows, Mac
Gihosoft Free Video CutterAVI, MP4, MOV, M4V, WMV, MKV, MPEG, MPG, FLV, ASF, WebMWindows, Mac
Weeny Free Video Cutter3GP, ASF, AVI, FLV, MP4, MPG, RM, RMVB, VOB, WMVWindows
Online Video CutterAlmost every video formatWeb browser


Free Video Cutter supports key video formats including MPEG1/2, MPEG4, DivX, Xvid, AVI, WMV, MOV & more. Open the đoạn phim you want to cut, tell Free Video Cutter where you’d like it khổng lồ start and finish the cut, & then select the output format. You can also use Free Video Cutter to lớn extract audio from a video clip file & output lớn MP3. It’s very straightforward and very effective sầu, và if you dig into the settings you can change the defaults lớn make more precise cuts or disable its thumbnail feature, which can slow things down with really big Clip files.


It’s very easy to use.It’s very good for straightforward cutting.


It doesn’t have any other editing features.You may need lớn turn its thumbnails off.

Gihosoft Free Video Cutter

Gihosoft claims that this is the easiest two-in-one không lấy phí đoạn phim trimmer and joiner software, but this app only does cutting: if you want to lớn join videos you’ll need its không tính tiền sibling, Gihosoft Free Video Joiner. You can download this đoạn Clip cutter software for Windows or Mac.

One of the key attractions here is that Gihosoft Free Video Cutter is lossless: if you’re not converting from one format to lớn another it doesn’t need khổng lồ re-render the đoạn phim after you’ve sầu made your cut(s).

This Clip trimmer is easy to use. mở cửa the file you want to lớn trim, mix the desired start & over times, & then clichồng on OK to lớn make the cut. And that’s it.


Support for all the key Clip & audio formats.No need khổng lồ re-render the Clip when you’re done.


Video joining isn’t in this app; that’s a separate download.Cutting is this app’s sole function.

Weeny Free Video Cutter


As with other không tính phí Clip cutters Weeny Free Video Cutter covers essentials such as MP4 & WMV, but it also includes older formats that aren’t so widely supported such as 3GP.. and RM. The ứng dụng is for Windows 7 or later.

Weeny can cut videos inlớn segments và then re-order them, which is useful if you’re dealing with really big original files và want lớn make subsequent editing easier. It’s also handy if you want to lớn cut massive sầu files inkhổng lồ more manageable chunks.

It’s very straightforward & works well enough, but you might find that the scroll bar is a little fiddly: it can be tricky getting it khổng lồ the perfect position.


You can change the order of your clips.The phầm mềm supports many older file formats.


The đoạn Clip scroll bar can be a bit fiddly.It’s quite basic.

iTech Video Cutter


iTech Video Cutter has been around for years và it’s still in version 1.0, so don’t expect regular updates. The interface looks much like a video player and that’s essentially what it is: the interface is a large video window with a few buttons at the bottom. Like other không tính tiền đoạn Clip cutter apps iTech Video Cutter keeps it simple: set the start & end points for your clip, hit the button and it’ll vày the rest. The ứng dụng will save in the same format as the original file: there are no conversion options here.


There’s a wide range of supported formats including audio.It’s very simple to use.


There are no video conversion options.It hasn’t been updated for a long time.

Free Video Cutter Joiner

Free Video Cutter Joiner is a Windows ứng dụng that enables you to lớn join your clipped clips và save sầu the result as a single file. It works on PCs running any version of Windows since Windows XPhường, và while there’s a Mac version available for download that one is very old & has been replaced by another phầm mềm, Video Scissors for Mac.

Free Video Cutter Joiner offers a tabbed interface: one for cutting và one for joining. It supports AVI, MP4 & MOV as well as some older file formats, and we love the developer’s lack of hype: on their trang web they say that cutting đoạn Clip is “quite fast”.


It can join clips together as well as cut them.It works on pretty much any PC.


The Mac version is obsolete, replaced by Video Scissors.Cutting is quiông xã but re-encoding can be slow.

MediaFreeware Free Video Cutter

MediaFreeware Free Video Cutter includes a previews so you can make sure everything is just-so before saving it.

The interface is a simple one-window affair with timing, output options và playbachồng controls below the đoạn phim pđánh giá. You can drag and drop files inlớn it, & it supports the key AVI, MPG và MP4 formats. There are no joining features or other đoạn phim editing features here: preview aside this is a stripped-down, no-frills tool that’s designed khổng lồ vì one thing with the minimum of fuss.


You can pĐánh Giá the đoạn Clip without saving it.It’s very simple và straightforward to lớn use.

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The video cutter is nice & friendly.It runs on any version of Windows from Vista lớn Windows 10.


The không lấy phí version is very limited.Free users’ videos are watermarked.


MP4Tools is two apps: a video joiner app, MP4Joiner, và a không lấy phí MP4 cutter, MP4Splitter. MP4Splitter makes it easy lớn split a Clip tệp tin into lớn multiple ones, & MP4Joiner makes it easy khổng lồ join clips inlớn a single tệp tin without quality loss or re-encoding.

Although MP4Tools is available for the Mac, you’re likely to lớn encounter issues: you’ll need lớn override your Mac’s security khổng lồ install it, and while exporting is quick the app’s interface is very slow even on a powerful Mac.


Simple và effective sầu MP4 file splitting and joining.You can choose whether or not khổng lồ re-encode video.


It’s only for MP4 files.The interface is very slow on a Mac.

Online Tools

Online Video Cutter

Online Video Cutter makes it easy khổng lồ cut, trlặng, crop and rotate videos, and you can also change the playbachồng speed. It should work in any browser – we tested it in Safari on the Mac, which isn’t always supported by online apps, & it worked just fine – & the only limit is that your file kích thước can’t exceed 500MB. The ứng dụng enables you to export in MP4, MKV or MOV format và you can choose a fast no-encode option if your source và destination formats are the same.


It’s really straightforward khổng lồ use.It works in any web browser.


It only exports in a few tệp tin formats.You can’t use files bigger than 500MB.


Clipchamp is a freemium service: it offers a không tính phí tier, but the best stuff is reserved for paying customers. If you don’t subscribe the free video clip trimmer is easy to use and includes some useful editing features, but your video output is limited to lớn standard definition at 480p resolution. If you’re on a Mac you’ll need to use the Chrome or Edge browser: Safari isn’t supported.


It’s great for social truyền thông media sharing.You can add Clip và audio from its stock library.


The free version is limited lớn 480p standard definition.It doesn’t work on Apple’s Safari.


Kapwing is a simple video clip cutter. It shows a pđánh giá of your Clip at the left of the screen, và you can then use the sliders or timestamps lớn select the start & kết thúc times for your cut. It then pnhận xét the results before you save sầu your video clip clip. Kapwing is freemium: miễn phí users are limited to lớn files of 250MB & exports are limited lớn 7 minutes long.


It’s simple & effective.It pReview your clip before you export it.


Free users are limited to lớn 250MB files and seven minutes of exported đoạn Clip per clip.Free users can only publish 3 hours of Clip per month.

Ezgif Video Cutter offers a collection of animation & video clip tools on its website, và lượt thích those tools this is a simple video clip cutter for people who don’t need tons of options. Simply upload your tệp tin or paste its URL inkhổng lồ the khung, mix the cutting points and Ezgif Video Cutter will then cut & export the tệp tin. It supports MP4, WebM, AVI, FLV, MOV and others, but uploads are limited khổng lồ 100MB. If you need to lớn rekích cỡ or crop videos, there are tools here for that too.


Video cutting doesn’t get much simpler than this.You can paste URLs as well as upload Clip files.


Your upload tệp tin kích thước is limited to 100MB.Cutting video clip can take some time.

How to Choose a Video Cutter và Joiner

Desktop or Online. If you want to cut a short video và don’t need other features, choose an online đoạn phim cutter.Supported formats. Make sure the tiện ích supports the đoạn phim format(s) you’re using.Editing features. Some Clip editors can join clips or add filters, transitions, text và titles. Think about the features you might want to lớn use in your video.

Frequently Asked Questions

ShotcutOpenShotVSDC Video EditorVideoPad Video EditorAVS Video Editor

Best không tính tiền Clip editors

You can cut a đoạn phim using a Clip editor or an online tool. We recommover you using a video clip editor, for example Video Editor Plus, since online tools usually have sầu limited file form size và functionality. To learn how to lớn cut a Clip with Video Editor Plus, kiểm tra the guide below.

How to trlặng a video

Yes, you can tryên ổn videos using VLC truyền thông media player. Read the step-by-step guide khổng lồ learn how lớn trlặng videos with VLC: