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Date Released : 2013Version : 13.0 Build 3689Category : Graphic and Designquảng cáo online : Trimble Navigation LimitedFormat : RARSize : 81.7 MBDownload Sketchup Pro 2013 Installer Via Website
The newExtension Warehouseis designed lớn be a “one-stop siêu thị for anyone looking lớn customize their copy of SketchUp”, with tons of new features included.

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New in 2013 they’ve sầu “added hatching & other pattern fills, speedier vector rendering, better zoom, more useful callouts and other improvements we think you’ll love”. Here ismore info about LayOut from the SketchUpdate Blog.
The miễn phí version of SketchUp now has a new name:SketchUp Make. The word “SketchUp” now refers lớn the family of products, with includes the “Pro” và “Make” verions.

All told, there are quite a few great updates in the lachạy thử releases of SketchUp. While SketchUp isn’t being used for Google Earth as much as it used lớn (due lớn the automated3 chiều Imagerycontinuing to lớn be rolled out), it is still an amazing tool for creating 3 chiều models.
What if adding new extensions to lớn SketchUp was as easy as installing an ứng dụng on your smartphone? In 2013, we’ve made it dead simple to turn SketchUp into lớn exactly what you need it khổng lồ be. Need a special tool? There’s an excellent chance someone’s already built it. Now you can research, tải về & install extensions without ever having khổng lồ leave sầu SketchUp. Every useful extension in one place—that’s the all-new Extension Warehouse.

Drawing a sectional view? Now you can fill shapes in LayOut with hatching and other patterns. Choose from a large library of standards—construction materials, geometric tiles, dot screens—or create your own favorites. Patterns can be rotated, scaled or used as-is. You can even combine Pattern Fills with solid colors khổng lồ create an endless number of variations.

You know how SketchUp lets you easily create multiple copies of an object with your keyboard? Those are called arrays, & now LayOut lets you make them, too. Move sầu a copy, type how many copies you want, type the letter ‘x’ & Enter. Presto! Presto! Presto! Presto! Presto! Copying is fun.

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When you need to print a drawing really big, sometimes it’s helpful khổng lồ vector-render your SketchUp Mã Sản Phẩm views. Doing so makes lines look smooth và reduces wait times for all but the most complex models. In the lademo version of LayOut, vector rendering is faster than it’s ever been.
Every time you zoom, pan or move sầu an entity on the page, LayOut has to re-draw the picture you see on your screen. For this version, we massaged the code so there’s a noticeable improvement in the speed at which this happens. LayOut should feel snappier, especially as your document gets more complex.
Another small but incredibly useful tweak: LayOut’s Pages panel now displays page numbers, which makes it easier to print and export portions of your document.
Creating a jauntily curved callout line for a label used lớn be a five-step, two-handed operation:Cliông chồng. Clichồng. Tool switch. Double-cliông chồng. Click-drag-with-a-modifier-key.In the latest version of LayOut, curving a label line goes like this:Click-drag.Isn’t progress something?
Ask the guy with the 86 foot ceiling if readable dimensions are important. It’s a little thing, but we added dashes to lớn LayOut’s dimension labels to make them easier khổng lồ read.
It used to be that the toolbars for all of your delicious plugins would move around your screen between SketchUp sessions. We heard that drove sầu you crazy, so we re-engineered our Windows UI to make things a whole lot better. In 2013, you can even drag native tool icons between toolbars. Make SketchUp look the way you want it to.
Exporting high-chất lượng animations from SketchUp 2013 is easier than ever. Using the default settings yields HD videos at 720p, encoded in any of the three most popular, modern formats: H.264, AVI and WebM. Picture unique is much better, and file sizes are smaller as well.
We increased LayOut’s maximum zoom capability by a factor of ten, from 1000% lớn 10,000%. At that magnification màn chơi, your sofa would be the kích cỡ of Dòng Yamaha Jupiter. Or thereabouts.
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