The aura of opulence had gone: chaises-longues & chandeliers had given way to desks và cupboards.

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The room was sumptuously swathed in blaông chồng fabric, hung with huge cascading black plumes that many who saw them likened lớn feathery chandeliers.
Subject then lớn early approval of the thiết kế và the availability of funds, the plan is khổng lồ replace the temporary chandeliers during the summer recess.
This test is a preliminary to lớn the possible removal of such a chandelier for tests & modifications.
The basic principle was expressed by a judge in 1823 ruling that a purchaser could not reject a chandelier after a lapse of six months.
I am sure that the new chandeliers will not offkết thúc against our aesthetic sense, as the present scaffolding, which is ugly and horrible in every respect, does.
I refer lớn the removal of those monstrous instruments, those obtrusive obscenities, strung up on scaffolds, & that we should instead have modified chandeliers và low-light cameras with remote control.
I had one eye on the chandelier & was looking with the other eye out of the window at some "hen huts" in which the people were then living.
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lớn separate liquid food from solid food, especially by pouring it through a utensil with small holes in it

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