The table below shows the amounts paid for residential rents at the four embassies in the last three financial years.

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We have opened embassies in each of the states và our political & commercial relations are flourishing.
I strongly and unreservedly condemn the attitude of governments who allow diplomatic missions, embassies và innocent people to lớn be attacked and exposed lớn danger.
Diplomatic immunity is supposed lớn apply only khổng lồ embassies, but here we are giving diplomatic immunity to lớn some other organisation.
There have sầu been recent increases, but the staffing of our embassies has been cut significantly over the past few years.
I vày not wish to make specific charges, buy many of us have sầu been abroad & have met some of the members of our embassies.
They should also look at our commercial information services and the assistance provided to lớn our exporters by embassies abroad.
Embassies & certain members of their staffs have enjoyed for over 70 years a partial relief from local rates.
In those days, there were 39 foreign diplomatic missions, 9 of them embassies và 30 of them legations.
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lớn separate liquid food from solid food, especially by pouring it through a utensil with small holes in it

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