The word both is a determinative sầu (in the terminology of CGEL). Determinatives are not per se singular or plural (except thesethose), but they select singular or plural nouns. When both appears without the head noun, as it does here, there is a fusion of functions & it becomes both the determiner & the head of the plural NP.. The verb then agrees with the plural NP.

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(ignore the clumsy grey line above sầu Head)


It acts only lượt thích plural because, unlike each1 và none2, "both" refers lớn all of the elements & not to one of them.

Read these examples from the OALD:

Both of us were tired. - and not - **Both of us was tired.*Both of them were French - and not - **Both of them was French*.

(1) - Each is usually singular: "each of us knows about you".(2) - None can be both singular or plural: "none of us is/are going home.

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" (the singular khung is considered formal in BrE).

Note: for more accurate explanations, visit the liên kết, otherwise if I add too much info, this answer gets off topic.



Both is definitely plural.

Both me and my brother are doing our best at school

Here"s an explanation on using both. Although this explanation is irrelevant lớn the OP"s question, none of the examples there uses both as singular.

And here it is stated explicitly.

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Use of “both” (“singular” vs “plural”, “nominative” vs “oblique”)
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