The Animate team is excited to lớn announce the lademo version of Animate CC. This new version pushes the boundaries of the animation space with Asphối warping, Layer Parenting, layer effects, and automatic lip syncing — all designed to lớn enhance the chất lượng of animations created with the tool. In addition, Animate CC 2019 enables 2D animators khổng lồ use their existing skills for creating VR experiences (beta), introduces a new WebGL-based runtime (beta), significant performance enhancements lớn the HTML Canvas output, và much more.

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Some of the new features include:

Asmix sculpting for vector and raster content

Create new poses faster for vector or raster nội dung using handles on a shape to lớn change the mesh. No need to redraw assets on every frame — just tween between poses & create animations.


/And yes, asset warping works with Raster nội dung as well.


Layer parenting and layer effects

Organize your assets on different layers in a parent-child hierarchy. When an object on the parent layer is moved, the child layer moves along with it.


In addition, the layer effects feature provides you the capability lớn add filters and tint effects on frames. Create interesting in và out fades, depth of field, etc.


Auto lớn Lip-Sync

Don’t waste time matching mouth poses lớn sound inflections. The new auto lip-syncing feature will use machine learning khổng lồ make it happen automatically.


Animate After Effects workflow

Use the new simplified workflow to lớn carry your Animate compositions into After Effects. Just drag và drop an FLA file into the new After Effects và proceed khổng lồ add cool effects.

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VR authoring & publishing (beta)

Use an existing 2D skill mix and export 360 or Panoramic VR animations. Stitch your existing 360 or panoramic images and create a virtual walkthrough, or let your imagination run wild & create a 360 animated experience using the drawing tools.


New start screen

The all-new start screen in Animate provides a new intent-based onboarding experience. In addition, learn more about the existing or new features using the training videos in the learn tab — without leaving the product.


Other new features

Export to lớn GL transmission format (glTF).

Key enhancements

Paint bucket tool,Quiông xã tween creation,Support for Microsoft Surface Pen,Redesigned timeline,And much more.

If you are at MAX this year, come & meet the team. We’d love to lớn hear from you.

Click here to learn more about the new Animate features, and here lớn learn more about Animate CC.

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