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so my problem is which phrase is correctthis one: "Donuts, work of art"or this one: "Donuts, works of art"

These are meant khổng lồ be one sentence ... what it means is that these donuts are so satisfying. My problem is with the plural of the word "works" should it be "work" or "works"

I want lớn use the phrase in more poetic manner lượt thích figure of speech i want the reader of the phrase khổng lồ make his/hers own jugment about the donuts ... but i would like lớn emphasize the fact that the donuts are pleasing to your tongue like the artwork is pleasing khổng lồ the eye.

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Conceivably, you could use either one.

If you say: These donuts are works of art.

that means each individual donut is a work of art.

However, if you say: The donuts are a work of art.

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that means the donuts (collectively, perhaps in box of 12) look lượt thích a work of art.

The key question: Is this one work of art? Or twelve sầu works of art?

By the way, the phrase work(s) of art would generally refer to lớn how the donuts look, not lớn how satisfying they are. If you want to talk about taste & satisfaction, you could use the similar term masterpiece: This donut is a masterpiece!. The word is defined at as:

masterpiece (n.) 1. a person"s greatest piece of work, as in an art. 2. anything done with masterly skill: a masterpiece of improvisation. 3. a consummate example of skill or excbloginar.netence of any kind: The chef"s cake was a masterpiece.

whereas work of art is defined as:

work of art (n.) 1. a piece of creative sầu work in the arts, especially a painting or sculpture. 2. a sản phẩm that gives aesthetic pleasure and that can be judged separately from any utilitarian considerations.