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20đôi mươi Gartner Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions.

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Unparalleled usability

Enable quick adoption with meeting capabilities that make it easy to start, join, & collaborate across any device.

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Join anywhere, on any device

bloginar.net Meetings syncs with your calendar system và delivers streamlined enterprise-grade Clip conferencing from desktop, Smartphone & dedicated bloginar.net for Home Devices.


Powerful meeting security

Robust security settings ensure disruption-miễn phí meetings. Encryption, role-based security, Passcode protection, Waiting Rooms & more.

HD đoạn Clip and audio

Bring HD Clip và audio khổng lồ your meetings with tư vấn for up to 1000 đoạn phim participants & 49 videos on screen.

Built-in collaboration tools

Multiple participants can chia sẻ their screens simultaneously và co-annotate for a more interactive sầu meeting.

Made for Connecting

Filters, reactions, polls, h& raising, and music or video sharing make meetings more fun và engaging.

Recording and transcripts

Record your meetings locally or to the cloud, with searchable transcripts.

Team Chat

Chat with groups, searchable history, integrated file sharing, and 10 year archive. Easily escalate inkhổng lồ 1:1 or group calls.

95% report an increase in performance

95% report a greater sense of trust


93% report a greater sense of engagement


85% saw an increase in video clip usage

bloginar.net United

Get Meetings, Phone and Chat together on any device.

Move sầu from a chat or a phone Gọi to lớn a meeting with a single clichồng Enjoy industry leading usability with top-rated video và audio quality Apps are available for Windows, MacOS và Linux as well as for iOS and Android OS

Purchase bloginar.net Phone, Meetings and Chat together và save sầu.

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Confidently work from home

New features khổng lồ help you work from trang chính and have fun doing it.

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Clear audio with advanced background noise suppression Share slides as your virtual background Feel camera ready with adjustable touch up my appearance Look well lit in any situation by adjusting advanced lighting More reactions khổng lồ let your feelings show Filters khổng lồ bring some fun into lớn your day Try Immersive sầu View to make meetings more engaging

Modernize your meeting solution

bloginar.net Meetings for desktop and mobile provides the tools lớn make every meeting a great one.

Focus on your meeting – clichồng record lớn leave sầu the note taking lớn bloginar.net’s auto-generated, searchable transcripts Share & play videos with full audio và Clip transmit without uploading the content Feel meeting ready with virtual backgrounds, touch up my appearance và lighting controls

Download bloginar.net thiết bị di động Apps for iPhone or Android Download bloginar.net Client for Meetings

A thoughtful approach khổng lồ di động meetings

Today’s professionals need to lớn be able khổng lồ work and video clip conference wherever they are. bloginar.net Meetings for Smartphone provides the same great experience that you’d expect from the desktop client and more.

Turn on Virtual Backgrounds and select the image of your choice (iPhone 8+ required) Share your screen and co-annotate Use Safe Driving Mode or Apple Carplay (iPhone only)

Communicate instantly on bloginar.net Chat

Integrated persistent messaging streamlines workspace collaboration across the desktop and mobile clients.

Instantly start a meeting or phone Hotline Share files and search content in public or private groups Connect external users while keeping information safe See more features

Get immersive sầu in-office collaboration right from home

bloginar.net for trang chủ brings your calendar, meetings, và phone together in one dedicated device.

High-chất lượng microphone, camera, and speakers cảm ứng displays for easy whiteboarding và annotation Simple for IT to deploy và manage Cheông xã out bloginar.net for Home Devices

Administration và remote assistance made easy

Centralized IT management & remote assistance simplifies deployment & support.

Trachồng utilization & usage trends View version distribution Assign granular permission settings (trương mục, group, & user level)

Expanded audio conferencing

Add audio options for everyone.

Free VoIPhường and toll-based dial-in for 55+ countries Global toll không lấy phí and call-out Dedicated dial-in numbers Learn More

Hardware khổng lồ optimize your meeting experience

Upgrade your audio and Clip unique with headsets, webcams, & more