The company that I work for is one of the major sponsors in an annual charity walk. The staff look forward to the event every year, and it is always a cause for excitement, largely because of the relaxing and socializing after the event. This year our very creative-thinking HR manager decided to highlight our company’s visibility at the event, by asking our director if he would consider getting branded caps and T-Shirts for the staff. He said that it would depend on the cost, as we have a large staff compliment. Thanks to the source of  vistaprint coupons, it was more than happy to oblige.

The quote was presented to him at our weekly staff meeting, and he was shown the vistaprint coupons online, which really impressed him. He also asked to have a banner made for the Company representative table. Our staff members definitely made a statement with our very attractive branded T-Shirts and caps, so much so, that our group photo made the front page of our local community newspaper that was covering the event. The quality of the caps and T-Shirts, and the branding is of excellent quality, and we received loads of compliments from our clients, and others who noticed the impact of our advertising.