Whenever you travel to another country or place, if you’re not going to stay with family or friends then you are going to be hit with a hotel bill at some time or another. To a lot of us that’s not really a problem, however, there is a cheaper and usually a more enjoyable way of seeing the country, staying in great locations and not breaking the bank at the same time. We’re talking about bed and breakfasts here – something of a staple almost everywhere else other than America.

The idea is excellent – you simply pay per night for your room and breakfast, and that’s all you pay for. The frills and extra’s that you pay for in a hotel – you know, antiseptic yet not clean rooms, knowing there’s 4 or 5 hundred other people all staying in exactly the same style and type of room as you, the ice machine that doesn’t work etc. – are all taken away from you when you are forced to spend less, receive more in the way of uniqueness and quality and receive personal attention instead of been regarded as a walking dollar sign, when you use bed and breakfasts.

Although this type of temporary lodging solution has been around forever it seems in most other areas of the world, America is still playing catch-up, but there are now dozens of small inn’s and bed and breakfasts popping up all over the country, especially in the more rural and less heavily visited destinations around the country. Admittedly, Disney have no plans to open any, as they’d probably need 4 or 5 thousand establishments for Orlando alone, per day, but for those smaller destinations, like scenic Helen, in the West Georgia Mountains, this type of accommodation is perfect. Used in Europe as a method of travelling without booking in advance, as most B and B’s, such as Torlundy House which is an amazing B&B in Fort William Scotland,  will have some room’s available if not themselves then in that village or town, it offers a certain type of freedom and independence that’s not felt when you’re in an industrialized modern hotel setting.

So for usually about half of the cost of a hotel, with breakfast included that doesn’t consist of runny scrambled eggs and half raw sausage, you can stay in one of these new fangled bed and breakfasts, and really enjoy your stay instead of worrying about..well, instead of worrying about anything. Enjoy!