A " Cash Vending Machine " marketing feat that caused a crowd at Raffles Put on Wednesday (28 February) has been revealed as a publicity campaign for telco Circles.Life's brand new pay per day unlimited mobile information strategy.

At an interview on Thursday, the virtual telco revealed that the new solution will permit customers to trigger limitless 4G+ information for $3 daily with no agreement.

The marketing stunt, which went viral on social media, saw hundreds of individuals aligning outside Chevron House on Wednesday afternoon to get an opportunity of leaving with "totally free loan". The rules were easy: Feed $3 right into a "vending maker" to obtain $50 in return.

The occasion publicised as S$3 on social media was cancelled suddenly by organisers, who initially pointed out "security" concerns for its termination. Singapore understands that it was held without a permit and authorities were on scene to aid in managing the expanding crowd.

The very first session of the project was hung on Orchard Roadway on Tuesday between 5pm to 8pm, yet had attracted a smaller sized and manageable group.


While Delbert Ty, head of marketing for Circles.Life, declined to reveal the precise amount provided throughout the project, he said that it totaled up to "a couple of thousands" of dollars.