The recently released map of Cebu Safari and Adventure Park influences the general population to get more energized. It's no big surprise Cebuanos will more excited about the fantastic opening of the Cebu Safari in Carmen, another traveler recognize that will without a doubt draw in a considerable measure of tourists and foreign guests and lift nearby tourism particularly in the town of Carmen.

Cebu Safari Zoo, a 100-hectare safari claimed by Cebuano pawnshop store magnate Michel J. Lhuillier, will include lions, giraffes, camels, tigers, zebras, among others.

DID YOU KNOW? Cebu Safari is something other than a set of all animals. It is additionally a WORLD-CLASS adventure park. It will house seven various types of experience rides including a zip line, Giant Swing, Obstacle Course, Sky Bike, world-class adventure park plus an entire hour of adventure trek in Carmen's 8 waterfalls and the most foreseen Asia's longest Zipline.

Lhuillier said in a meeting that the safari will wight the animal interactions, creature shows, the experience rides and accommodation facilities. Guests can participate in feeding the creatures amid show which will be encouraged by four Singaporean coaches that will convey the creatures to prepare.

"I will mean to open by early periods of 2018. If you don't mind be patient, as we do our best to make this fascination the best." Lhuillier said in a meeting with the local media.

Update: The Cebu Safari is set to open on February 3, 2018 "mid 2018" or first quarter of 2018 – without a doubt before the Summer season (on February or March 2018). The extra charge has not yet been affirmed, but rather it should cost in any event P500 per head. Try to bookmark the Cebu Safari Tour Package as we will consistently refresh the data here about the Cebu Safari in Carmen. Once the administration opens the place, we will refresh you through the connection that is given.