There are many home properties with adjoining backlots with a stand or grove of trees. These can be part of unused, neglected, fallow or government property. It might not even be owned by anything and thus is public domain technically owned by the government, but not actually something which it might be using or have any plans for.

These lots are usually given out as land to be developed later for homes or construction of establishments especially if near municipalities or the larger cities. The trees here, when mature enough and have significant numbers might be up for things like timber harvesting PA services. This might be part of land clearing or simply a way of controlling growth.

Timber of this kind is not something that might have been specifically planted to replace forests. And since these will not be attached to any forest system that may be a part of ecological rebalancing, they are not actually owned by anyone. There may also be lots or properties with good space allowing owners to plant their own woods for later harvesting.

The work is done by specialists in tree services, which includes things like pruning and trimming. This is something that requires specialists who either have degrees, training or have excellent experience in serving plants and trees. They usually work with a number of recognizable equipment and tools, like cherry picker cranes and chainsaws.

The harvest should be something that provides good wood products or items. Folks who have their own land planted often planned the growth and may have uses for it in mind. Some tree species can be specific for use in making furniture, for home construction, for carving, or for the light timber needed for things like decks and patios.

Some could use the trees for seasonal decorations, perhaps having a number of these which could be marketed during the high holidays related to the Yuletide Season. Most of these trees will have had their branches trimmed, and these cut off branches used for firewood. There is no earthly use for cutting down trees for firewood except when a species is great for making logs.

The harvest like this could also be prepared for the markets in season. Logs are usually preferred by those who want to burn these in traditional fireplaces during cold weather. These may especially be needed during the winter, when fireplaces and a host of heating appliances often work full time to combat the cold.

Specialist companies have long operated in this sector, and there is a tradition for woodmen that might have had centuries of history and practice. There are some individuals called green thumbs who are naturally inclined to plant and grow things. And these might also work in this area, especially since they know how to handle the wood species.

Some of these can help you take care of growing small forests of stands of timber. So that later on the harvest can provide strong and straight lumber. Timber remains an iconic item or product for consumers, usually as either consumables or for installations.