If you are living in an area with essentially hot climate, there is least you can do about it. Sydney is situated in tropical region. Especially january climate is hard to bear. There are certain measures that you can take to minimise the effect of hot and sweaty weather. Always plan on building a house with professional builders in mosman. Type of house, material used and all other aspects can be reliably suggested by professional building contractors. Here are a couple of tips on building houses in cities with hot climate conditions:

Keep a provision for installing central cooling systems: You may or may not be willing to install cooling systems in your newly built home but that is to be decided later on. At first when blueprint is to be decided, always keep a provision of central cooling systems in the house. A central cooling system is the best way to beat the heat. Safety and its effects on existing building plan should be taken care of.

Location of the house is relevant: Another big thing to decide upon is the apt location of the house. Prefer more to go for a place quite separate from the city. But make sure that it is not totally cut from your office or basic facilities provided in a city. Location should be such surrounded by trees, greenery etc. Open lands are windy and temperatures are moderate at such places.

Use green landscaping measures around the house: Ask your builders in epping to work with a plan around the house. Consider to grow as much plants, trees and shrubs as possible. Trees gives us shade and together the flora lowers down carbon emissions.

Ventilation systems and windows should be most installed: Large windows and ventilation systems should be in almost every rooms.

Use flooring material that keeps interior cool: Flooring material like marble have more capability to keep interiors look cool. Granite is another good example of it.