Many homeowners make the mistake of believing that a powerful lock can stop them and their houses from becoming the victim of a break-in.  In case you have been victimized by the break in the incident, then you can make use of ADT security system to enhance their security.

Why a Home Alarm System is More Efficient than a Lock

While there are certainly plenty of excellent locks on the current market, it's also important to recognize that there are numerous savvy criminals on the roads today.

These offenders typically employ a range of different approaches and techniques to serve their own purposes. It's important to see that even significant quality locks can't completely protect your house from a break-in.

Among the most common methods that offenders typically use to break into a house and get around a lock is called a bump key. This is a form of key which was filed down or specially constructed as a way to open any sort of lock that a sterile key would fit.

Bump keys are often utilized to open these locks, usually the ones which have a cylinder and tumbler design. The benefit to bump keys for offenders is that they don't cause any damage to the door or the lock and don't leave any evidence regarding how the house has been invaded. The only way homeowners understand they've become a victim is when they enter the house and recognize their possessions are gone.

Bump keys are so powerful that a criminal can easily get access to a house within only a couple seconds. Along with cylinder and tumbler design locks, bulge keys also tend to work very effectively on pin tumbler locks also.